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Learn More About Each Rescued Bobcat Here at the Sanctuary - Including Each Rescue Story.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary-Texas currently houses 3 Bobcats that were rescued from illegal or abusive situations. Following each rescue operation, our Bobcats are provided with individualized medical and rehabilitation care. Each Bobcat is giving as much time as needed to adjust to their new home prior to be released into large acreage habitats - providing them with a forever home.

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Chrissy had been orphaned after her mother was tragically shot. When she first arrived at TWAS-Texas, at just eight weeks old, she was a little apprehensive about large spaces and needed time to adjust - similar to many new rescues.


Chrissy now loves her spacious, naturalistic habitat complete with plenty of trees to climb, perches, grass, toys, a house for shelter and a cave to cool off in during the summer months. Her favorite spot is her highest perch, but she also enjoys running around and climbing on all the trees.



Jewel was taken from the wild by a private citizen when she was about a week old and spent the next few months living off of 2% cows milk. She developed pneumonia and was taken to a vet who recommended that she be turned over to a rescue facility especially during her recovery.  During this time, no institutions wanted to take her in permanently. We are glad to provide Jewel with a forever home here at TWAS-Texas! 



Ruby was brought to TWAS-Texas by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department after it was decided that she could no longer be rehabilitated. We are happy to provide Ruby with the best possible care, food, and a forever home.

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Bobcats are the most common wildcat found in North America. They are often associated with traits of agility, grace, and patience.

One of the most wonderful ways to help our Animals is through our Adoption Program. It's also a great personalized gift for a family member or friend, showing you care in the most meaningful way...


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