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WELCOME to The Wild Animal Sanctuary's

Texas Facility - formerly known as the

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS)

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Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores held privately 

within the United States


Tigers in Texas alone!


Billion Dollar illegal wildlife trade per year


Third largest illegal money source behind guns and drugs

About IEAS

Learn about the unique history behind the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and how it became part of The Wild Animal Sanctuary's network of accredited sanctuaries.

About TWAS

Learn about The Wild Animal Sanctuary and its mission to educate the public about the Captive Wildlife Crisis - as well as rescue, rehabilitate and care for more than 600 Lions, Tigers, Bears and other RESCUED animals.



Learn how you can join the effort to save Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large exotic animals that are currently suffering in terrible captive situations around the world!


Learn More About the Captive Wildlife Crisis

See how thousands of Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and many other exotic animals ended up in people's houses, garages, backyards, basements, barns, crawl spaces and many other terrible and abusive situations outside of the public Zoo system in America.

Learn More About our Animals

Read the rescue story behind each of the animals in our care, and see why they need your help to survive.

How To Visit Us

Our Sanctuary is not open to the Public on a regular basis.  However, supporters of the organization are more than welcome to visit on special days or weekends.  To learn more about visiting, and our Active Supporter program, follow the link below.

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