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Boyd, TX

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary-TEXAS was originally established in the mid-to-late 1980's under the name of The Exotic Feline Foundation (TEFF).  

Over the next three decades our organization continued to grow and evolve, while also changing names along the way.  Initially, we changed from TEFF to The International Exotic Feline Sanctuary (IEFS), and then years later it was modified to the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary (IEAS).  


In May of 2020 a new Board of Directors was created through a cooperative effort with another non-profit entity known as The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS).  TWAS was established in 1980 and currently operates two accredited sanctuaries within Colorado.

In order to align our operations within the network of The Wild Animal Sanctuary, we now utilize the name "The Wild Animal Sanctuary-TEXAS" (TWAS-TEXAS). 


With more than 70 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other rescued animals living at our facility, we are excited to move forward with renewed energy and focus as we continue providing the very best care for our animals!



Our Boyd, Texas facility utilizes approximately 41 acres of forested land to provide natural enclosures and habitats for our rescued animals. In addition to the numerous Lion, Tiger and Bear enclosures and habitats, we have a specialized Nutrition Center, a dedicated Animal Hospital, an Operations Center, an Intern Dormitory and Welcome Center/Gift Shop.

Team Members

Executive Director

Michelle Biddle

Volunteer Manager

Jasmin Magdaleno

Board of Directors

Pat Craig

Board Chairman

Accounting Director

Nelly Morgan

Aerial Video

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