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Become An Active Supporter Today!

When people visit a Sanctuary or a City Zoo and pay a designated entrance fee there is a general misconception that the entrance fee is designed to "support the animals".  Unfortunately, for every facility (including big city zoos), the cost of being open to the public is far greater than what is derived from entrance fees.

For public zoos, and other arts and cultural entities, there are large city or government subsidies available to help offset their losses.  However, the Sanctuary is not eligible for these types of subsidies... nor do we receive any government support.  Therefore, we rely on a system where our visitors need to be actual donors or true supporters of our organization.


Simply put, we are in the business of rescuing and caring for large carnivores and must rely on compassionate people who want to join us in helping these beautiful and majestic creatures.  In order to operate our Sanctuary and provide proper care, housing, veterinary services and nutrition, it is critically important for us to receive both in-kind and monetary donations on a regular basis.


Since we are not open to the general public and do not receive support through admission fees, we work directly with supporters to garner donations that will go directly toward caring for the animals and fulfilling our mission.  Once someone donates more than $200 within a 12 month period, they are immediately considered an Active Supporter.

Supporters, are the only way we exist, and everything they do is critically important!  Everyone here - whether they are staff, volunteers or interns - always remain extremely grateful for your support!  

In honor of your support, we would absolutely love for you to see how your donations are being put to use!  In order for that to happen, we provide special privileges to Active Supporters.

Below are the main benefits related to becoming an Active Supporter.

1) Active Supporters are the only people that are able to visit the Sanctuary in person.​

2) Active Supporters can always visit for free.

3) Active Supporters may also bring up to 3 guests each time they visit.

4) Active Supporters can visit the Sanctuary up to 5 times per year.

The Sanctuary is not open to the public on a daily basis. However, supporters of the organization are more than welcome to visit on weekends  each month.

We are currently offering Active Supporter Tours at 10:30 am on alternating Saturdays and Sundays. All visitors must call ahead of time to schedule your visit and we recommend showing up ~15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.


If you are a supporter that has donated more than $200 within the past 12 month period, you are currently considered an Active Supporter.

If you would like to become an Active Supporter and be able to visit the Sanctuary in person, please feel free to donate today!

If you happen to have donated within the past 12 months, but have not yet reached the $200 level, please contact us to coordinate making another donation.  If you prefer, you are always welcome to make a donation today that will bring your 12 month running total to more than $200.

We also offer alternative ways to support our organization, which include animal adoptions, pledges and even Active Supporter payment plans where for as little as $18 a month you can qualify as an Active Supporter.


No matter which support option is best for you, we would love to have you join our other Active Supporters and come see the critical work that is being done right now - as well as visit the animals that you are helping! 



Please call 254-826-6500 to schedule your visit. We recommend showing up ~15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


  • First and third Saturday of each month.


  • Second and fourth Sunday of each month.

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